About Us

Tutoring4All is led by a group of students who were inspired by the lack of equality in education. We aim to provide students of any and every creed equal access to education. This includes tutoring, mental health aid, motivation, support, or even just a community that relates to you. We started as just a WhatsApp group-chat, founded by Bilal, aiding predominantly international students for only SAT math with only about 3 tutors. Once we helped about a few hundred students, we expanded by becoming a full-fledged education organization-- aiding students not just in SAT math but in any subject and more, such as mental health, advice, and exercise, through Discord, Google Meet, etc. Today, we've helped thousands of students from over 50 countries with their education in dozens of areas with hundreds of volunteers.





Hello! My name is Bilal and I am a rising freshman at UC Berkeley. I started teaching others in 8th grade and just loved it. Through my years of teaching, I have seen students like me struggle to understand concepts and do well in exams. However, I realized just working with and being helped by your peers makes a huge difference. Aside from teaching I love to cook and play sports such as Soccer, Badminton, and Basketball.


Chief Administrator, Chair, & CMO

I absolutely love learning and education. Sadly, many don't have access to the education they deserve or lack the curiosity to learn. I intend to change these issues by teaching as well as continuing to lead and expand this organization. If you would like to join me and the hundreds of students on my tutoring, marketing, and social media teams, please email me (I'm currently looking for students to join the tutoring team for science)! In the future, I may also launch a blog for this organization; contact me if you're interested!

Emma Vidal, Spain

Tiktoker and Tutor

Hi! I'm an international student from Spain currently studying in the US, and I make Tiktoks to promote Tutoring4All under John's marketing team. Additionally, I'm happy to be a part of John's tutoring team.

Jeremy, Puerto Rico

Senior Tutor

Hello everyone! My name is Jeremy and I am a high school senior from Puerto Rico. I enjoy tutoring and genuinely wish to motivate students from all over the world to thrive independently. I love that modern-day technology allows us to provide free online tutoring to everyone, everywhere,increasing the chances of those who are less fortunate and possibly being a positive influence on their life.

Nessa Khovov, USA

Senior Tutor

I’m a homeschooled sophomore who loves math and the ACT. I’m a curious person, and I take great pleasure in helping others become their best selves. One way I do this is by helping my peers to achieve higher scores on the ACT and the SAT. When I'm torn away from my studies, I like to play roller derby and hunt for wild mushrooms.

Emmanuel Oppong, Ghana

Senior Tutor & Marketer

I live in Kumasi in the Ashanti region of Ghana. I am a math fanatic who had a perfect math score in the October 2019 test without a calculator for the whole math test. I hate calculators even though they are cute. Hope to hear me tell you put your calculators away soon

Shyngys Shynbolatov, Kazakh

Graphic Designer

I am a Graphic Designer. I am an open-minded senior at a high school in Kazakhstan. I am intellectually curious about Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence. I love music, especially rap & classics. My body can't just stand still when I listen to my favorite music. I consider myself a creative leader in my activities, specifically in project management and basketball.

Tutors and Marketers

We have hundreds of more tutors and marketers in our Discord and WhatsApp chats. If you would like to meet or contact them like our senior tutors and marketers listed above, join the Discord and WhatsApp or contact Bilal or John! (Two of the WhatsApp Chats are full or have too many students to be organized, so only the third is linked)