About Us

I got into teaching purely by choice and since early 6th grade, I have been teaching my siblings and friends. I continue to follow my passion for teaching international and local students. A thank you note from a Syrian refugee in Turkey whom I helped with an SAT essay or a Student from Ghana asking all his classmates to join my free sessions gives me a sense of pride and fulfillment. Interacting on social media websites such as Facebook, Reddit, Instagram, etc, I realized that not everyone has an equal opportunity in achieving their highest possible scores as many lack the guidance and support to do well. I wanted to ensure that all financially disadvantaged students have the opportunity to reach their full potential. More importantly, I wanted financially disadvantaged international students to be given the life-changing opportunity of studying in the US. I believe that this passion and this goal was the main reason I started this organization. I founded tutoring4all.org in late December and volunteered tirelessly, giving free tutoring sessions and online Whatsapp support to over 700 students by the end of the year. In early 2020, I realized that a team of tutors would make a profound difference to these communities. My dream is to eliminate the correlation between academic performance and income levels, one student at a time- Bilal Ron







Emmanuel Oppong, Ghana

I live in Kumasi in the Ashanti region of Ghana. I am a math fanatic who had a perfect math score in the October 2019 test without a calculator for the whole math test. I hate calculators even though they are cute. Hope to hear me tell you put your calculators away soon

Shyngys Shynbolatov, Kazakh

I am a Graphic Designer.I am an open-minded senior at a high school in Kazakhstan. I am intellectually curious about Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence. I love music, especially rap & classics. My body can't just stand still when I listen to my favorite music. I consider myself a creative leader in my activities, specifically in project management and basketball.

Nessa Khovov, USA

I’m a homeschooled sophomore who loves math and the ACT. I’m a curious person, and I take great pleasure in helping others become their best selves. One way I do this is by helping my peers to achieve higher scores on the ACT and the SAT. When I'm torn away from my studies, I like to play roller derby and hunt for wild mushrooms.

Jeremy, Puerto Rico

Hello everyone! My name is Jeremy and I am a high school senior from Puerto Rico. I enjoy tutoring and genuinely wish to motivate students from all over the world to thrive independently. I love that modern-day technology allows us to provide free online tutoring to everyone, everywhere,increasing the chances of those who are less fortunate and possibly being a positive influence on their life.